Do you only work at the Nottingham Heritage sites?

We will work any where you want us to. Just let us know where you want us and when, and we shall be there armed with all of our lovely things ready to dress your chosen venue.

Can I choose one of your Styling Coordination hire themes for my venue no matter where it is?

Absolutely! We can come to any venue of your choice and dress your wedding reception room accordingly. We will happily liaise with your venue too so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Do you take back all of the items from your themes after my wedding?

We sure do. By choosing to hire all of the things you need to dress your wedding venue you will save money and lots of time! It not only removes the hassle of selling on the unwanted items after your wedding, but purchasing everything your self is such a big investment to make, and takes a long time to source. Not to mention the task of you piecing it all together! Avoid the pressure, let us do it for you!

Can I hire one of your Styling Coordination hire themes but install it myself?

Unfortunately not, but trust us when we say that on the day before, or on the morning of, your wedding day you will not have the time to go and dress your venue, and if you do… be prepared to get very very stressed! We install everything for you so you don’t have to think about anything. When your big day comes you will be so glad you choose us to do everything for you, it means you can relax and enjoy your moment. Also, we are experts in display so we really are the guys for the job, we promise you won’t be disappointed!.

Can I keep the flowers and stationery after my wedding?

Of course! We wouldn’t have it any other way. We will just keep the container the flowers sit in – so tell mum and gran to get their best vases ready at home!

When do you come back and collect the hired items from the venue?

We will liaise directly with your venue to arrange a convenient time to go back and pack everything away. So don’t worry we will sort everything out so you don’t have to.

Can I change any of the elements in the hire themes, and use a different supplier?

We work with the very best local suppliers to ensure that our products are all of the highest standards. Each element is chosen with care and consideration so our offer is set, this ensures maximum visual impact for you on your special day.

What if I want bigger flowers than what are included in your set price?

That’s absolutely no problem, we can work with our florist to create whatever your heart desires for an additional cost.

I’m not sure that your themes are for me, can you design me something bespoke instead?

Oh yes! Design and creative-thinking are our absolute passions. You want it? We can design it, create it and then install it. No problem, challenge us!

There are lots of other things I want to hire for my wedding day, can you arrange these for me too?

Oh yes! You name it, we can get it. Its’ easier for you to deal direct with us than trying to coordinate lots of suppliers. We can offer you everything you need and more! We are always working with our fellow industry suppliers to develop the next thing.

I would like to book one of your Styling Coordination hire themes but my wedding isn’t for two years, what if the theme I love changes or isn’t part of your offer in the future?

Don’t panic, we can guarantee whichever theme you like now, tomorrow or in 2018. It’s really not a problem.

What’s your payment plan?

We ask for 30% of the total booking upfront at the time of the booking. The rest of the balance will need to be paid exactly one month before your big day. We will also ask for a small breakages deposit too, which is refunded back to you after your wedding all being well.